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1805 6050d 01h subik /trunk/ *** empty log message ***  
1804 6050d 02h subik /trunk/ *** empty log message ***  
1803 6050d 04h subik /trunk/ *** empty log message ***  
1787 6053d 04h fschmid /trunk/ Backported fix for bug #1789  
1785 6053d 17h cbradney /trunk/ 1788: Add in tr() calls for some strings  
1777 6055d 05h cbradney /trunk/ 1814: New pt_BR translation  
1769 6055d 21h subik /trunk/ *** empty log message ***  
1767 6056d 06h subik /trunk/ import  
1762 6057d 05h mrdocs /trunk/ update date and add ringer in the right spot ;)  
1759 6057d 17h mrdocs /trunk/ update for packaging  
1758 6057d 17h mrdocs /trunk/ updated for a snapshot  
1755 6057d 23h subik /trunk/ imp  
1730 6063d 10h cbradney /trunk/ Fix Portuguese spelling  
1729 6063d 10h cbradney /trunk/ Fix Portuguese spelling  
1724 6063d 18h cbradney /trunk/ #1787: Updated Polish translation  
1722 6063d 18h cbradney /trunk/ Fix Afrikaans translation missing tr() and add in other pt_BR translator  
1717 6064d 11h craig /trunk/ Accept .jpeg and .JPEG file extensions  
1714 6064d 15h cbradney /trunk/ Fix make dist for acroreader.html  
1713 6065d 08h mrdocs /trunk/ temporarily disable the new text section  
1712 6065d 08h mrdocs /trunk/ added font hints  

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