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18516 2821d 14h gpittman /trunk/ added a README about the manual CSS  
18515 2821d 21h fschmid /trunk/ Fixed Bug #11737: PUB import: Manual line breaks not imported correctly  
18514 2821d 22h fschmid /trunk/ Fixed Bug #11752: PDF Vector import causes sig11 crash  
18513 2822d 05h gpittman /trunk/ improved appearance of some tables in 1.5 manual  
18511 2822d 07h gpittman /trunk/ Make sure manual.css (and any other *.css) gets installed - CMakeLists.txt  
18510 2822d 18h gpittman /trunk/ CSS tweak for manual  
18509 2823d 03h gpittman /trunk/ working on appearance of various tables in 1.5.0 manual  
18508 2823d 05h gpittman /trunk/ A few minor tweaks of 1.5.0 docs  
18507 2823d 05h gpittman /trunk/ Finishing up the 1.5.0 manual CSS application  
18506 2824d 03h gpittman /trunk/ further manual doc fixes  
18505 2824d 04h gpittman /trunk/ scattered manual doc adjustments  
18504 2824d 08h craig /trunk/ Use new canvas setForcedRedraw function some more  
18503 2824d 08h craig /trunk/ #10702: Show master page naming in Page Palette, thanks pygmee  
18502 2824d 17h gpittman /trunk/ minor fix to qsg.html  
18501 2825d 04h gpittman /trunk/ Initiating use of CSS with online manual  
18500 2825d 08h craig /trunk/ #9391: Show guides after dropping them to canvas when not in normal mode by forcing a redraw  
18499 2825d 08h craig /trunk/ Add setForcedRedraw() to canvas and use it, and setPreviewMode  
18498 2825d 08h craig /trunk/ Use = assignment for checker settings copying  
18497 2825d 08h jghali /trunk/ Bump LittleCMS version requirement to lcms2  
18496 2825d 09h jghali /trunk/ remove private cairo copy, 1.12 has been released for long enough  

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