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19828 2727d 03h jghali /trunk/ some code cleanup for pdf export/preference dialogs  
19827 2728d 05h jghali /trunk/ msvc project update  
19826 2728d 06h craig /trunk/ Make resource manager extract font files into a subdir named after the zip file if the font is delivered by zip to keep collections together  
19825 2728d 08h craig /trunk/ #12922: Fix typo in Italian translation  
19824 2728d 09h craig /trunk/ Remove unnecessary old po dir  
19823 2729d 01h craig /trunk/ Add a little hack for allowing Blokk font to be downloaded  
19822 2729d 02h craig /trunk/ Updates to resource manager  
19821 2729d 02h craig /trunk/ #8823: Add a Resource Manager that allows users to download dictionaries, fonts, templates, palettes, profiles (fonts, dicts working now). Sits under Windows menu.  
19819 2730d 10h jghali /trunk/ #12881: update hyphen to 2.8.8 and move it to third_party directory  
19818 2733d 10h craig /trunk/ #12517: Apply patch for adding swap page capability to move page dialog  
19817 2733d 10h craig /trunk/ #12870: Jump to image/item top let rather than page  
19816 2733d 11h craig /trunk/ #12710: Remove old variables  
19815 2733d 12h craig /trunk/ #12710: Add tooltips to preflight verifier  
19814 2733d 14h craig /trunk/ #12912: Add some GUi controls around if the downloads list is available  
19813 2734d 06h craig /trunk/ #12560: Fix when loading new doc when Picture Browser is open  
19812 2734d 06h craig /trunk/ #11935: Set the active directory properly when picture browser opens  
19811 2734d 07h craig /trunk/ Reduce minimum zoom step level in ui file  
19810 2734d 08h craig /trunk/ Perhaps a little better layout for the Picture Browser  
19809 2734d 09h craig /trunk/ #12687: Avoid showing progress bar on OSX with Qt 5.3+ for barcode placement  
19808 2734d 11h craig /trunk/ #12910: Fix crash  

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