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20295 2571d 18h craig /trunk/ Revert incorrect commit on resource manager  
20294 2571d 18h craig /trunk/ #13236: Add Travis YML file  
20293 2572d 03h craig /trunk/ #12416: Add extra extensions to the CorelDraw importer plugin  
20292 2572d 03h craig /trunk/ #12821: Add tooltips for hyphenation window  
20290 2572d 03h craig /trunk/ #13268, #13269: Fix Preferences duplicating list entries when pressing Defaults button  
20289 2573d 02h craig /trunk/ #13263: Substitute Link checkbox with chain link button in Preferences  
20288 2573d 07h craig /trunk/ #13266: Fix image scaling frame options not enabling/disabling correctly in prefs  
20287 2574d 02h craig /trunk/ #13227: Fix actions not receiving new tooltips after language change  
20286 2574d 02h craig /trunk/ #13257: More tooltips fixes  
20285 2574d 03h craig /trunk/ Bump ts files  
20284 2574d 03h craig /trunk/ #13257: More tooltips fixes  
20282 2574d 04h craig /trunk/ #13261: Better fix  
20281 2574d 06h craig /trunk/ #13261: Remove Q_OBJECT from canvasmode_create.h  
20280 2575d 01h jghali /trunk/ #13260: Enlarge Polygon QSliders to use available space and improve its precision <FirasH>  
20279 2575d 01h jghali /trunk/ #13249: fix a couple of warnings when running lupdate  
20278 2576d 02h craig /trunk/ Bump about date  
20277 2576d 03h jghali /trunk/ add <algorithm> header just to be sure std::swap is declared correctly  
20276 2576d 03h jghali /trunk/ #13243: Attach text to path action is not enabled correctly  
20275 2576d 03h jghali /trunk/ fix stack overflow  
20274 2576d 11h jghali /trunk/ #13093, #13189, #13240: fix crash when subsetting TTF and CFF fonts  

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