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2090 6480d 14h cbradney /trunk/ Updated the ts/po files, updated the qm files and the pot and pro files for 1.2.2 string freeze  
2089 6480d 16h subik /trunk/ #1543: calling Scripter procedures or functions won't affect Mpalette widgets  
2087 6481d 03h mrdocs /trunk/ updated man page.. partly resolves #1937  
2081 6481d 11h mrdocs /trunk/ update for string freeze  
2080 6481d 11h mrdocs /trunk/ update for strings freeze  
2079 6481d 13h tsoots /trunk/ Pack -> Merge  
2078 6481d 13h tsoots /trunk/ Removed '?'s from checkboxes.  
2076 6481d 14h cbradney /trunk/ Newer Albanian translation  
2073 6482d 12h fschmid /trunk/ Fixed bug #1936  
2072 6482d 13h cbradney /trunk/ Updated Albanian translation  
2068 6482d 22h cbradney /trunk/ Fix installation of sq (Albanian translation), and hopefully stop crashes on use of context menu.  
2065 6483d 12h mrdocs /trunk/ Tweak the Get Text Dialog  
2064 6483d 12h mrdocs /trunk/ simplify the tool tips and wording for the OO/OASIS importers  
2060 6484d 01h craig /trunk/ Fix for #1934  
2054 6485d 13h fschmid /trunk/ When compression = jpeg was selected in the pdf export this was not respected for jpeg images. Fixed now  
2049 6486d 11h fschmid /trunk/ Fixed bug #1930  
2041 6487d 11h mrdocs /trunk/ correct wrong info in tooltip  
2022 6488d 21h craig /trunk/ Include Makefile.cvs in `make dist' tarballs for use by packagers.  
2017 6489d 02h mrdocs /trunk/ update the tooltips for the fix in 1912  
2014 6489d 12h cbradney /trunk/ Apply same changes to 1.2 helpbrowser as 1.3 yesterday re lang changes, etc  

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