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21911 1561d 02h craig /trunk/ Bump TS files incl Transifex  
21910 1561d 02h craig /trunk/ Fix typo  
21909 1561d 02h craig /trunk/ Undo by code resort  
21908 1561d 02h craig /trunk/ #14679 related: Add more Arabic/Persian languages, resort the table by language code  
21907 1561d 03h craig /trunk/ #14704: When loading a 1.5.x doc, check the size of the page is the same as the size of a standard page and set to Custom if not  
21906 1562d 01h jghali /trunk/ msvc project update  
21905 1562d 01h jghali /trunk/ fix bad view positioning after importing patterns via "Colors & Fill" dialog  
21904 1562d 01h jghali /trunk/ #14740: Scribus crashes with Sig 6 when attempting to import an AI pattern library  
21903 1562d 02h jghali /trunk/ fix include order  
21902 1562d 02h jghali /trunk/ fix sometime misplaced pattern object when launching symbol edit mode  
21901 1562d 02h craig /trunk/ Fix old function name typo  
21900 1562d 02h craig /trunk/ Fix old function name typo  
21899 1562d 02h craig /trunk/ Rename MarginDialog 2/2  
21898 1562d 02h craig /trunk/ Rename MarginDialog 1/2  
21897 1562d 03h craig /trunk/ #14679: Adjust the way language lists are shown in Doc Setup and fix a potential crash bug and clean API  
21896 1562d 03h craig /trunk/ #14737: Remove duplicate words in ligature selection options <FirashH>  
21895 1562d 03h jghali /trunk/ fix switching between edited pattern while in symbol edit mode  
21894 1562d 09h jghali /trunk/ #14743: Fonts after outline displays wrong characters  
21893 1562d 12h jghali /trunk/ #14736: "All" color rendering  
21892 1562d 13h jghali /trunk/ fix missing seconds in date format in PDF  

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