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22507 1358d 12h jghali /trunk/ replace more Qt's foreach by c++11 range-based for()  
22506 1359d 03h jghali /trunk/ replace a few Qt's foreach by c++11 range-based for()  
22505 1359d 06h craig /trunk/ First part of nullptr and other conversions  
22504 1359d 11h craig /trunk/ Turn off GraphicsMagic and OpenSceneGraph for Travis  
22503 1359d 13h craig /trunk/ Bump minimum requirements to Qt 5.7 and C++11  
22502 1359d 15h jghali /trunk/ #14973: When saving as compressed file, file is not compressed and extension is set to ".gz.gz.sla"  
22501 1359d 17h jghali /trunk/ #15288: Bad comparison in specialchars.cpp  
22500 1359d 17h jghali /trunk/ #15287: Bad comparison in api_imageitem.cpp  
22499 1359d 18h jghali /trunk/ #15284: Wrong delete operator used on cpp array  
22498 1359d 18h jghali /trunk/ #15289: FTBFS 1.5.4 with error: invalid conversion from ‘const GooString*’ to ‘GooString*’  
22496 1360d 13h jghali /trunk/ #15278: Incorrect use of iterator after erasing element  
22494 1361d 02h jghali /trunk/ #15279: Warning: Array index used before limits check  
22492 1361d 02h jghali /trunk/ #15273: Updated README  
22491 1361d 02h jghali /trunk/ #15277: Fix incorrect warning "same iterator is used with different containers"  
22488 1361d 03h jghali /trunk/ #15281: Warning: Expression is always false because 'else if' condition matches previous condition  
22487 1361d 03h jghali /trunk/ Bump to 1.5.5.svn  
22486 1361d 07h craig /trunk/ Bump to 1.5.5.svn  
22483 1362d 07h jghali /trunk/ Update msvc .props files  
22482 1362d 22h craig /trunk/ Updated readmes etc for docs  
22480 1363d 06h craig /trunk/ Add David Tardon to contributors for libzmf and libqxp work  

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