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22996 1088d 21h craig /trunk/ #15655: Add linebreaks to tooltip for en, translators need to fix their text  
22995 1088d 21h craig /trunk/ #15660: Reorder break menu items  
22994 1088d 21h craig /trunk/ Bump size of colour name controls  
22993 1089d 05h jghali /trunk/ Fix small indentation issues  
22992 1089d 06h avox /trunk/ LOD patch #123: unify 'No Style' with default style / keep direct formatting when applying parstyle / make charstyle sticky when deleting all text from textframe. No fileformat changes  
22991 1090d 03h jghali /trunk/ Some refactoring for SlaOutputDev  
22990 1090d 03h jghali /trunk/ Fix more missing initializations in SlaOutputDev constructor  
22989 1090d 03h jghali /trunk/ Fix potential use of uninitialized values in SlaOutputDev  
22988 1098d 05h jghali /trunk/ #15696: Croatian update for scribus-short-words.rc  
22987 1099d 20h jghali /trunk/ #15686: Text with background color is not printed correctly  
22986 1099d 22h craig /trunk/ minor change  
22985 1099d 22h craig /trunk/ Test commit, C++11 change  
22984 1099d 22h craig /trunk/ Bump about date  
22983 1099d 23h craig /trunk/ Fix capitalisation of new dark theme name  
22982 1100d 20h jghali /trunk/ #15461: Icons are barely visible with Breeze Dark Theme  
22981 1100d 21h jghali /trunk/ Fix incorrect iconset version comparison  
22980 1101d 06h jghali /trunk/ Code style fixes and refactoring for IconManager  
22979 1101d 22h jghali /trunk/ #15690: Replace Color function skips paragraph background color  
22978 1104d 07h jghali /trunk/ #15685: Multi-step gradient incorrectly imported from PDF  
22977 1112d 22h craig /trunk/ Bump TS files from Transifex  

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