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23226 973d 15h gpittman /trunk/ Altered intro.html in the docs in regard to Peter Linnell  
23225 974d 01h jghali /trunk/ Update msvc .props file: a Qt version >= Qt 5.10 is now required  
23224 974d 01h jghali /trunk/ #15821: Add Russian translation for Scribus Manual  
23223 974d 18h jghali /trunk/ Help browser refactoring  
23222 974d 19h jghali /trunk/ Fix help browser issue preventing image fallback to work properly in some situations  
23221 974d 20h jghali /trunk/ Code style fixes  
23220 974d 20h jghali /trunk/ Slight robustness and behavior improvement in style change code  
23219 974d 21h jghali /trunk/ Allow help browser to fallback on English doc/images in case of non translated html page or in case of missing image  
23218 974d 22h jghali /trunk/ Code style fixes  
23217 975d 01h jghali /trunk/ Fix signed/unsigned comparison warning  
23216 976d 18h jghali /trunk/ Some C++11 updates for ScDocOutput_Ps2  
23215 976d 18h jghali /trunk/ Small ScDocOutput refactoring  
23214 976d 18h jghali /trunk/ Fix signed/unsigned comparison warning  
23213 976d 18h jghali /trunk/ Attempt to fix #15626: crash when changing theme  
23212 977d 12h craig /trunk/ Fix typo  
23211 977d 17h jghali /trunk/ Fix msvc warning C4267 : conversion from 'size_t' to 'UT_uint32', possible loss of data  
23210 978d 07h craig /trunk/ Code cleanup across the board  
23209 978d 07h craig /trunk/ Bump TS files from Transifex  
23208 978d 08h craig /trunk/ Bump Qt minimum to 5.10  
23207 978d 08h craig /trunk/ Bump OSX SDK version  

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