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23623 958d 20h jghali /trunk/ #16090: improve documentation for scripter's insertText() and getTextLines()  
23622 958d 20h jghali /trunk/ Fix some scripter function names in order to match user visible name and update getText() documentation  
23621 959d 20h jghali /trunk/ Rename spalette.h/.cpp to stylecombos.h/.cpp  
23620 960d 20h jghali /trunk/ Refactoring and cleanup of style combo classes  
23619 960d 20h jghali /trunk/ IDML importer refactoring  
23618 962d 06h jghali /trunk/ Fix some GCC initialization order warnings  
23617 962d 07h jghali /trunk/ Bump msvc .props file to Qt 5.12.8  
23616 962d 07h jghali /trunk/ Fix potential crash when converting a page to masterpage in case some of the page items are using patterns  
23615 962d 18h jghali /trunk/ Minor refactoring  
23614 964d 03h jghali /trunk/ Add const qualifier to CanvasMode's handleKeyEvents()  
23613 964d 03h jghali /trunk/ #15231: While dragging a guide, pressing ESC should cancel the action  
23612 964d 07h craig /trunk/ Clean up canvasmode and canvasgesture variable initialisation, fix some
deprecated call warnings
23611 964d 08h jghali /trunk/ PDF : simplify groups structure when exporting to PDF 1.3  
23610 964d 09h craig /trunk/ Bump TS files from Transifex  
23609 964d 10h craig /trunk/ Align propertiies standard variable defaults, remove doc initialisation
when its a ScGuardedPtr
23608 964d 10h craig /trunk/ Use default initialisation for ScGuardedPtrData  
23607 964d 11h craig /trunk/ Related to #15656, introduce ability to switch between Qt detected
system numerical separators and separators as default for the UI
language locale. Implement (and therefore harmonise) the display of
separators across the application. Adjust ScrSpinBox workings,
definitely needs more testing.
23606 965d 04h jghali /trunk/ Code style fixes  
23605 965d 05h jghali /trunk/ Fix issue where items would be deleted from page when converting a page to masterpage  
23604 965d 06h jghali /trunk/ Remove unused function arguments from ScriXmlDoc's readElem() and readElemToLayer()  

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