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24005 287d 16h craig /trunk/ Fix layout issue in Marks variable text UI file.  
24004 287d 17h craig /trunk/ #15571: Rename Scribus Manual to Scribus Help to align with other
24003 288d 13h jghali /trunk/ Move ScribusMainWindow::keyPressEvent() code to CanvasMode

ScribusMainWindow::keyPressEvent() cannot be removed tho and ScribusMainWindow::keyReleaseEvent() has also to be restored. In some situations it indeed appears that key events go through ScribusMainWindow instead of ScribusView's eventFilter(). ScribusMainWindow's keyPressEvent() and keyReleaseEvent() are hence modified to redirect key events directly to active canvas mode.
24002 288d 16h jghali /trunk/ Fix compiler warning  
24001 290d 04h jghali /trunk/ When using story editor undo, replace Unicode's paragraph separator used by Qt by the one used by Scribus (0x13)  
24000 290d 04h jghali /trunk/ Code style fixes  
23999 293d 13h jghali /trunk/ #15978: Item Tools color comboboxes does not have enough width for strings  
23998 295d 15h jghali /trunk/ Fix icon provided py editm.png file, that file was not storing anything meaningful  
23997 295d 15h jghali /trunk/ Add msvc projects for markdown importer, for now due to Qt min version requirement it is activated only in msvc2019 solution  
23996 295d 17h craig /trunk/ Markdown importer: implement support for lists and numbered lists  
23995 295d 17h craig /trunk/ Rework bold/italic selection in XTG importer  
23994 296d 14h jghali /trunk/ Fix icon with not quite the right size (14x14 instead of 16x16)  
23993 296d 15h craig /trunk/ Include the Qt version check for Markdown importer. setMarkdown was
introduced in Qt 5.14
23992 296d 16h craig /trunk/ Add in basic MarkDown importer based on QTextDocument functions  
23991 296d 16h craig /trunk/ Some minor fixes to text import code  
23990 298d 10h jghali /trunk/ Fix incorrect reference to msvc2017 project directory in msvc2019 projects  
23988 300d 17h jghali /trunk/ #16198: Remove rulers' OPTION_SMOOTH_MARKERS code  
23987 301d 16h jghali /trunk/ Fix spurious undo actions created when clearing paragraph direct formatting via PP  
23986 303d 02h jghali /trunk/ Remove useless blank lines  
23985 303d 02h jghali /trunk/ Fix issue where current item section of horizontal ruler would be drawn with a different color than the rest of it  

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