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2492 6218d 10h fschmid /trunk/ Fixed a hang with 2 or more colums text with size below 1 pt  
2491 6218d 17h mrdocs /trunk/ updated  
2490 6218d 18h craig /trunk/ fix source0  
2489 6218d 18h craig /trunk/ Updated spec file - builds on FC4  
2488 6218d 19h craig /trunk/ More packaging fixes  
2487 6218d 19h craig /trunk/ *** empty log message ***  
2486 6218d 19h craig /trunk/ DESTDIR support  
2485 6218d 21h craig /trunk/ Date import  
2484 6218d 21h craig /trunk/ Check in data  
2483 6218d 21h craig /trunk/ Add (unedited) spec files for lprof under RH and SuSE  
2482 6218d 22h craig /trunk/ *** empty log message ***  
2481 6218d 22h craig /trunk/ update readme for new docs location  
2480 6218d 22h craig /trunk/ install documentation  
2479 6218d 22h craig /trunk/ Update readme to reflect more standard install behaviour  
2478 6218d 22h craig /trunk/ add uninstall target  
2477 6218d 22h craig /trunk/ fixed missing var  
2476 6218d 22h craig /trunk/ More fixes for install target  
2475 6218d 22h craig /trunk/ Partway through Makefile cleanups for install target  
2474 6218d 22h craig /trunk/ update README with info on QTDIR etc  
2473 6218d 22h craig /trunk/ makefile fixup  

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