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305 6384d 00h Franz /trunk/ 06.06.2004 Added Tsoots "New from Template" Plugin  
304 6384d 01h Franz /trunk/ 06.06.2004 Added Tsoots "New from Template" Plugin  
302 6385d 23h Franz /trunk/ 04.06.2004 More Translation Updates  
301 6386d 22h Franz /trunk/ 03.04.2004 More Translation updates  
300 6388d 00h Franz /trunk/ 02.06.2004 Translation updates  
299 6388d 23h Franz /trunk/ 01.06.2004 Translation updates  
298 6388d 23h Franz /trunk/ 01.06.2004 Translation updates  
297 6390d 09h Franz /trunk/ 31.05.2004 Improvements for exporting Gradients  
296 6391d 00h Franz /trunk/ 30.05.2004 Improved the SVG-Importer, Gradients with transparency are now possible  
295 6392d 06h Franz /trunk/ 29.05.2004 Added Gradients with more than 2 colours  
294 6395d 22h Franz /trunk/ 25.05.2004 Added new Gradient Type "Free linear Gradient"  
293 6396d 23h Franz /trunk/ 24.05.2004 Translation Updates for Brazilian, Czech and Welsh  
292 6397d 23h Franz /trunk/ 23.05.2004 Bugfixing Part 2  
291 6399d 11h Franz /trunk/ 22.05.2004 Bug Fixing Part 1  
290 6400d 23h Franz /trunk/ 20.05.2004 First version of the EPS-Importer  
289 6401d 22h Franz /trunk/ 19.05.2004 Translation fixes and update for German  
288 6402d 23h Franz /trunk/ 18.05.2004 Added Petr's Font-Preview Plugin  
287 6403d 23h Franz /trunk/ 17.05.2004 French and German Translation updated  
286 6404d 23h Franz /trunk/ 16.05.2004 Fixed another bunch of Bugs  
285 6405d 23h Franz /trunk/ 15.05.2004 Minor Fixes  

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