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3426 5742d 13h cbradney /trunk/ #2626: Updated German translation  
3425 5742d 13h cbradney /trunk/ Update en_GB to cover the short words changes.  
3424 5742d 16h fschmid /trunk/ Fix for #2624  
3423 5742d 17h fschmid /trunk/ Fixed issues with importing files when the basepoint isn't the upper left point.  
3422 5743d 03h subik /trunk/ #2576: Add a GUI to create user ... short words. Partialy solved - optional configuration is moved into Preferences dialog now. There is small TODO for tomorrow.  
3419 5743d 04h fschmid /trunk/ Updated Polish translation  
3417 5743d 07h subik /trunk/ docs fixed  
3416 5743d 07h subik /trunk/ warnings and error logging into error.log file  
3415 5743d 11h mrdocs /trunk/ updated Danish translation resolves #2622  
3414 5743d 13h cbradney /trunk/ Reduce max page width and height to 10000 units for now to stay in line with changes for #2614.  
3413 5743d 14h cbradney /trunk/ Revert old change to 100,000 maximum for the spinbox. This value pushes the maximum too high for it to handle. We need the Qt4 decimal spinboxes I guess.  
3412 5743d 17h cbradney /trunk/ #2619: Reorder quotation marks menu
#2381: Filter Control +/- from the palettes for more access to zoom, however this doesn't work when an editable control is active.
3411 5744d 01h fschmid /trunk/ Fixed bug #2614.  
3410 5744d 03h fschmid /trunk/ Fixed bug #2613  
3409 5744d 04h fschmid /trunk/ Fixed bug #2617  
3407 5744d 05h fschmid /trunk/ Fixed bug #2612  
3406 5744d 06h cbradney /trunk/ Fix the margin widget tab order for the current layout.  
3405 5745d 05h subik /trunk/ new API docs generator  
3404 5745d 05h subik /trunk/ old API docs removed - we are using new automatic one now.  
3403 5745d 09h fschmid /trunk/ Applied patch from bug #2611  

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