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4228 5865d 08h craig /trunk/ Remove unused Preferences::ChangeGrid declaration with no corresponding
implementation. Fixes fatal build errors on SuSE 10 RPM.
4227 5865d 09h craig /trunk/ Report dlopen() errors for other dynamically linked objects too
(woah for code duplication)
4226 5865d 09h craig /trunk/ Report output of dlerror() when prefs access fails  
4216 5867d 06h mrdocs /trunk/ here comes 1.2.4  
4186 5871d 03h mrdocs /trunk/ partly resolves # 2936 new Thai language translation  
4178 5874d 16h fschmid /trunk/ Fixed Bug #2888.  
4175 5874d 17h craig /trunk/ Fix non-standard word `or' and `and' operator use  
4173 5875d 02h mrdocs /trunk/ add notes on Suse 10.0  
4172 5875d 06h mrdocs /trunk/ *** empty log message ***  
4171 5875d 14h fschmid /trunk/ Fixed Bug #2809.
Can't fix #1130 yet, as fixing would require to break the String Freeze.
4168 5876d 16h fschmid /trunk/ Fixed Bug #1071.
Fixed creation of incorrect colour names when importing EPS files.
4165 5877d 15h fschmid /trunk/ Fixed Bug #1274  
4155 5879d 12h mrdocs /trunk/ update  
4154 5879d 13h mrdocs /trunk/ bump the date  
4152 5879d 18h cbradney /trunk/ #1106: Backport from 1.3.2cvs, allow cursor to move between columns when reaching top or bottom with key press of up or down arrow.  
4139 5881d 12h mrdocs /trunk/ work in progress  
4138 5881d 12h mrdocs /trunk/ work in progress - not added to makefiles yet  
4137 5882d 02h mrdocs /trunk/ some minor updates  
4128 5882d 13h cbradney /trunk/ #2927: Polish translation update for 1.2.4  
4065 5890d 16h cbradney /trunk/ Also bother to close the doc in 1.2.4 if the user chooses save in save/close/cancel dialog.  

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