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5191 5969d 05h tsoots /trunk/ backported doc importer  
5162 5970d 04h mrdocs /trunk/ bump the date and changelog for a snapshot build  
5160 5970d 06h tsoots /trunk/ backported toolbar changes  
5114 5972d 03h mrdocs /trunk/ backported scpainter patch from Jean to fix the grid performance issues  
5103 5973d 04h mrdocs /trunk/ backport jean's #3551 scpainter patch  
5092 5973d 07h mrdocs /trunk/ re-add missing image for template  
5090 5973d 11h mrdocs /trunk/ nuke the excess line ending  
5089 5973d 11h mrdocs /trunk/ new translation from Volker  
5069 5976d 04h mrdocs /trunk/ bump the date  
5065 5976d 16h fschmid /trunk/ Fixed Bug #3537, attached Doc opens now correctly, please test with other Docs if they render correctly too.  
5060 5978d 20h mrdocs /trunk/ bump the version  
5056 5980d 05h cbradney /trunk/ #3509: FHS compliant document locations  
5015 5984d 08h mrdocs /trunk/ fix a typo and update the change log  
4974 5987d 04h mrdocs /trunk/ fix a typo in the make file so dist-bzip2 works  
4971 5987d 07h cbradney /trunk/ Fix Typo..  
4970 5987d 10h cbradney /trunk/ Bump about date  
4969 5987d 10h cbradney /trunk/ Make people happy.. splash on one desktop only. Use WStyle_Splash and not WX11BypassWM. Why was this used in the first place?  
4948 5990d 04h cbradney /trunk/ Update about dialog with Japanese translators details  
4946 5990d 04h cbradney /trunk/ Add japanese to 1.2.5cvs  
4887 5998d 02h mrdocs /trunk/ almost a complete redo  

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