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59 6770d 03h Franz /trunk/ 08.07.2003 Improved  
58 6771d 12h paul /trunk/ Scribus/scribus/dicts/hyph_cs.dic
57 6774d 04h Franz /trunk/ 04.07.2003 Fixed Redraw Problems  
56 6774d 13h paul /trunk/ Scribus/scribus/dicts/hyph_cs.dic
55 6775d 03h Franz /trunk/ 03.07.2003 Added Russian Translation,
Added Non Breaking Spaces,
Added the missing Cups-Options for Pageorientation
54 6776d 02h Franz /trunk/ 02.07.2003 Fixed for PDF Bookmarks  
53 6776d 06h paul /trunk/ First import  
52 6776d 10h paul /trunk/ Scribus/scribus/po/scribus.cs_CZ.po
51 6777d 04h Franz /trunk/ 01.07.2003 Added Czech Hyphenation  
50 6777d 12h paul /trunk/ Scribus/scribus/annot.cpp Scribus/scribus/po/scribus.cs_CZ.po
49 6777d 12h paul /trunk/ Scribus/scribus/annot.cpp Scribus/scribus/cmsprefs.cpp
Scribus/scribus/colorchart.cpp Scribus/scribus/cupsoptions.cpp
Scribus/scribus/fpointarray.cpp Scribus/scribus/multiline.cpp
Scribus/scribus/page.cpp Scribus/scribus/pageitem.cpp
Scribus/scribus/scfonts_ttf.cpp Scribus/scribus/scrap.cpp
Scribus/scribus/scribus.cpp Scribus/scribus/scribusview.cpp
48 6777d 15h paul /trunk/ Scribus/scribus/po/scribus.cs_CZ.po  
47 6777d 18h paul /trunk/ Scribus/scribus/qm/scribus.cs.qm  
46 6778d 06h Franz /trunk/ 30.06.2003 Updated Norwegian Translation and 2 small Fixes  
45 6779d 06h Franz /trunk/ 29.06.2003 Bugfixes for the Display, Printing and Preferences  
44 6780d 15h Franz /trunk/ 28.06.2003 Improved detection of lcms.h  
43 6782d 04h Franz /trunk/ 26.06.2003 Fixed Landscape Mode. F.S  
42 6783d 03h Franz /trunk/ 25.03.2003 Fixed another Bug in the PDF-Exporter  
41 6785d 08h Franz /trunk/ 23.06.2003 Added a workaroung for a Bug in Gnome's windowmanager metacity  
40 6786d 17h Franz /trunk/ 22.06.2003 Release 1.0RC1  

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