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1233 6215d 08h cbradney /trunk/ Updated Ukrainian translation #1570  
1216 6217d 14h subik /trunk/ #1521 fixed in docs.  
1214 6217d 14h subik /trunk/ #1560 fixed. tr() fixed too.  
1192 6222d 05h mrdocs /trunk/ Updates to Russian,Esperanto,Italian and Galician translations fixes # 1536, # 1544  
1191 6222d 05h mrdocs /trunk/ Updates to Galcian, Russian,Italian and Esperanto translations  
1189 6222d 12h subik /trunk/ #1515 scaleImage won't work fixed  
1182 6223d 19h mrdocs /trunk/ update version to 1.2.2cvs  
1181 6223d 22h subik /trunk/ save and 11 crash  
1176 6224d 06h cbradney /trunk/ Updated Debian package repository information  
1170 6224d 09h cbradney /trunk/ Remove unneeded file copy  
1169 6224d 09h cbradney /trunk/ Remove unneeded file copy  
1164 6225d 13h cbradney /trunk/ Fix for 1516, include Apple Roman codec in list  
1161 6226d 08h cbradney /trunk/ Apply SuSE packagers patches. Generally applicable.  
1159 6226d 09h cbradney /trunk/ Remove the #ifdef linux around the language check, we run on PPC, etc etc that might not have these, and its broken in 1.2.1 on some systems/gccs anyway  
1156 6227d 06h tsoots /trunk/ Removed unused parameter names to make some build warnings disappear. Fix for #1496  
1154 6227d 11h subik /trunk/ utf8  
1150 6228d 16h subik /trunk/ *** empty log message ***  
1149 6228d 16h subik /trunk/ utf8  
1147 6228d 16h subik /trunk/ *** empty log message ***  
1146 6228d 16h subik /trunk/ docs utf8  

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