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13624 4567d 15h cbradney /trunk #8080: Add in bugreport doc  
13620 4567d 15h cbradney /trunk #8110: Bump about date  
13618 4567d 16h cbradney /trunk Bump about date, add 8099 surrounding comment delimiters  
13616 4568d 12h jghali /trunk #8112 : crash when editing prefs after char style has been applied  
13614 4568d 13h pierre /trunk Fixed - removed some extra relayout in edit mode and deselectAll on press event rather than on release event.
Fixed - printBackTrace was broken with new GCC
13612 4568d 17h jghali /trunk #8109: Scribus forgets window positions of related windows on two screen workplace  
13609 4568d 19h pierre /trunk Fixed - compilation failed with PoDoFo Trunk (sadly the change in PoDoFo was not reflected in version number)  
13608 4568d 23h jghali /trunk - avoid 1.3.5svn and 1.5.0svn prefs clash
- fix picture browser trying to write to share dir which may not be writable
13606 4569d 15h jghali /trunk #8092: Applying a shape to a table makes the group tab inaccessible  
13604 4569d 18h jghali /trunk #8107 : update scripter setStyle() documentation to better describe its behavior  
13603 4570d 11h jghali /trunk #8105: crash when trying to unset some pdf bookmarks  
13601 4570d 12h cbradney /trunk #8091: disable the item level menu correctly. ie fix groupcontrol check  
13600 4570d 13h cbradney /trunk Add in snapping for line resizes  
13599 4570d 22h cbradney /trunk Add snapping for line creation back in.. not perfect when constraining but ok  
13597 4570d 22h cbradney /trunk #8102, #8103: Add iCalamus and PageStream shortcut sets  
13596 4570d 22h cbradney /trunk Include xlocale.h on OSX  
13595 4570d 22h cbradney /trunk Move keysets dir out of scribus source dir  
13594 4570d 22h cbradney /trunk Move keysets dir out of scribus source dir  
13593 4570d 22h cbradney /trunk Move keysets dir out of scribus source dir  
13592 4571d 02h subik /trunk 8101: Sample text inserted in the SE displayed wrongly  

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