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15141 4200d 02h cbradney /trunk More preferences icons  
15140 4200d 03h cbradney /trunk Update 2 icons  
15139 4200d 04h cbradney /trunk #1549: Add scratch space colour preference item, fix doc setup crash for page sizes  
15138 4200d 06h cbradney /trunk #3700: Add text frame distances to preferences and doc setup  
15137 4200d 10h cbradney /trunk Updated docs from Greg  
15135 4200d 10h jghali /trunk some fixes for lcms2 color engine implementation  
15134 4201d 01h cbradney /trunk Add LCMS2 finder for CMake.. with guesses at names for now  
15133 4201d 01h cbradney /trunk Add LCMS2 finder for CMake.. with guesses at names for now  
15132 4201d 01h jghali /trunk update graphicsmagick image loader vs latest changes in image loading code  
15131 4201d 01h jghali /trunk remove util_cms.* from msvc project  
15130 4201d 01h cbradney /trunk #6584: Add PDF viewer executable to external tool preferences, allow PDF opening after export with this viewer  
15129 4201d 01h jghali /trunk fix naming of the xtg importer vc project directory  
15128 4201d 01h jghali /trunk - start using color space classes in image loading code, did basic testing, more testing needed tho
- necessary change for enable use of lcms2, especially remove use of cmsChageBufferFormat as such thing is not supported by lcms2. CMake stuff related to lcms2 is still to be done tho
15127 4201d 02h jghali /trunk add lcms2 color management classes  
15126 4201d 02h jghali /trunk remove util_cms.h/cpp, must not be used anymore  
15125 4201d 03h cbradney /trunk #2271: Use 1.5.0 prefs files only  
15124 4201d 03h cbradney /trunk #2271: Use English and unabbreviated property names in preferences file (scribus150.rc), bump version of preferences to 1.5.0  
15123 4202d 02h cbradney /trunk Fix typo in scripter2  
15121 4202d 06h cbradney /trunk Add short unit measurement names to scripter1  
15119 4202d 06h jghali /trunk #9125 : hungarian translation & short words update  

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