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17578 3759d 17h craig /trunk #10202: Fix some GUI string translation issues  
17574 3760d 17h jghali /trunk #10739 : edit > master pages should show the arrange pages palette  
17573 3760d 19h craig /trunk Always enable the Insert menu, as its not being enabled properly and there's no need to keep it disabled  
17572 3760d 19h craig /trunk Put Save As Template plugin menu item in its right place  
17570 3760d 20h craig /trunk #10490: set help text readonly in Insert A Frame dialog  
17569 3760d 21h craig /trunk #10582: Set doc changed after editing document setup  
17567 3760d 22h craig /trunk #8782: Raise max word tracking value to 2000  
17566 3761d 02h craig /trunk Allow preferences reset from the defaults button  
17565 3762d 15h craig /trunk #10295: Apply 2nd patch for text linking splitting  
17564 3762d 16h craig /trunk 0010741: make -j4 failing at building mocs  
17563 3762d 16h craig /trunk Remove WANT_PRIVATE_CAIRO option from CMake options - it now sets WANT_SYSTEM_CAIRO, as private cairo is broken, broken, b0rken  
17562 3763d 15h craig /trunk Add some more dictionary download links  
17561 3763d 16h craig /trunk Add some more dictionary download links  
17560 3764d 14h jainbasil /trunk Added new Scripter2 code into main branch  
17559 3764d 16h jainbasil /trunk added imageitem api  
17558 3764d 17h craig /trunk Bump about date  
17556 3765d 13h jghali /trunk msvc project update  
17555 3765d 15h craig /trunk Add plain download type that does not get unzipped just moved into place. Now use for dict source  
17553 3765d 16h craig /trunk Add new format to spell dicts xml locator file  
17552 3765d 17h craig /trunk Add new format to spell dicts xml locator file  

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