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21050 2355d 19h jghali /trunk #13782: Simplify Arrange Pages Palette strings translation <FirasH>  
21049 2355d 22h craig /trunk Re-run pngcrush over docs images  
21048 2356d 00h craig /trunk Remove unnecessary CMakeLists.txt files within documentation files  
21047 2356d 00h craig /trunk Remove unnecessary CMakeLists.txt files within documentation files  
21046 2357d 05h craig /trunk Remove incorrect ;  
21045 2357d 20h jghali /trunk handle None color translated string directly in ColorCombo currentColor()  
21044 2357d 21h jghali /trunk fix lines not being printed on Windows  
21043 2359d 00h fschmid /trunk Follow up to #11544: save active tab on tabbed Dockwidgets too.  
21042 2360d 00h craig /trunk Add crytopgraphic checksum function to util_fil  
21041 2360d 08h jghali /trunk #13774: Simplify X,Y,Z Palette strings translation <FirasH>  
21040 2361d 08h fschmid /trunk Fixed Bug #11544: Docked palettes position / size is not saved between sessions  
21039 2362d 19h jghali /trunk #13765: LAB colours with negative a or b values interpreted as spot colours  
21038 2363d 06h jghali /trunk fix fallback to english in help browser when current language is not available  
21036 2363d 20h jghali /trunk #13757: CMYK jpeg file not imported properly  
21035 2363d 20h jghali /trunk #13770: Simplify image palette strings translation <FirasH>  
21034 2363d 20h jghali /trunk #13769: Simplify Group Palette strings translation <FirasH>  
21033 2364d 01h craig /trunk Add FPoint constructor from QPointF, from HOST  
21032 2364d 01h craig /trunk #13760: Followup for missing changes <FirasH>  
21031 2364d 03h craig /trunk Remove extra ;  
21030 2364d 21h craig /trunk Make HelpBrowser try to use the new user help files directory first, then revert to the system dir, part 2  

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