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21211 1774d 04h craig /trunk Fix erroneous commit  
21210 1774d 05h jghali /trunk #13963: Updated Danish Translation  
21209 1774d 06h fschmid /trunk Fixed Bug #13602: Crash on opening SLA with reference to item mark
Have fixed the crash, but somehow saving item marks seems to be buggy.
21208 1774d 09h craig /trunk Update ts files  
21207 1775d 10h jghali /trunk #13947: Endless selection when exiting edit mode by clicking outside of frame  
21206 1775d 10h jghali /trunk #13959: Grouping text frames will result in a loss of chained text areas  
21205 1775d 11h jghali /trunk fix potential inconsistency between text frame and its drop shadow  
21204 1775d 13h jghali /trunk Better fix for #13646: do not break text layout when resizing text frame with drop shadow  
21203 1775d 16h fschmid /trunk Fixed Bug #13646: Text flow around images stopped working!  
21202 1775d 18h fschmid /trunk Fixed Bug #11573: Opening SLA crashes scribus (sla maybe corrupted)  
21201 1776d 03h craig /trunk bump ts files  
21200 1776d 03h craig /trunk #13951: int to integer  
21199 1776d 08h fschmid /trunk Fixed Bug #13953: Image's opacity not well rendered when used as pattern - or PDF import issue  
21198 1776d 09h craig /trunk Add 2 column 4 page flowed text test  
21197 1776d 10h jghali /trunk #13938: Orphans and widows line management leads to blank text frames depending on the size of the frame <patch provided by Oman team>  
21196 1776d 11h jghali /trunk #13954: Italian translation update for 1.5.2.svn <FirasH>  
21195 1776d 16h fschmid /trunk Fixed Bug #12685: Scribus crashes with "unexpected end of file" opening a specific document  
21194 1777d 02h jghali /trunk #13871: If paragraph contains DropCaps and Enter is pressed before Space --> content disappears  
21193 1778d 09h jghali /trunk #13881: First line text selection is inaccurate if "Align to Baseline Grid" is enabled
#13948: It's hard to select text, if "Space Above" is increased
21192 1779d 04h craig /trunk Update ts files with Transifex updates, also remove vanished source texts  

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