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21379 2362d 06h craig /trunk/ If WANT_CPP11 is not set and Qt 5.7.0+ is used, error  
21378 2362d 06h craig /trunk/ Remove unnecessary ;s  
21377 2362d 06h craig /trunk/ Add better support for C++11/Qt 5.7.0. CMAKE minimum bumped to 3.2  
21376 2364d 07h craig /trunk/ #14150/#14151: Some fixes for doxygen generation from ale  
21375 2366d 02h jghali /trunk/ #14112: Crash when trying to add Foot/Endnote  
21374 2366d 02h jghali /trunk/ #14129: fix crash caused by incorrect handling of references to deleted styles by style manager  
21373 2368d 04h craig /trunk/ #13890: Reset layer combobox and mouse X/Y positions when last doc closes  
21372 2369d 04h craig /trunk/ #8998, #11294: Fix sorting of filter lists in file dialogs for file open, vector import, image import. Ensure Scribus ones stay at the top.  
21371 2370d 04h craig /trunk/ #14086: Fix English language selection by adding plain English back to language list and rewrite combobox selection code  
21370 2371d 03h jghali /trunk/ #14138: Foot/Endnote crash when changing text property  
21369 2371d 04h craig /trunk/ #11575: Disable Ok button on file dialogs when nothing is selected for opening  
21368 2372d 06h craig /trunk/ Fix downloaded font detection in Resource Manager  
21367 2373d 18h craig /trunk/ Move upgrade check download URL to https  
21365 2374d 02h jghali /trunk/ #14129: fix reference to deleted styles when loading documents  
21364 2374d 11h jghali /trunk/ small optimization and code readability improvement  
21363 2374d 11h jghali /trunk/ #14128: Text centering doesn't work as expected in round text frame shapes  
21362 2376d 06h craig /trunk/ Resource Manager: update installed help files correctly  
21361 2378d 04h jghali /trunk/ #14117: When printing pages with page numbers at bottom some of the page numbers don't print correctly  
21360 2381d 04h jghali /trunk/ #14112: Crash when trying to add Foot/Endnote  
21359 2381d 04h jghali /trunk/ #14111: Crash when trying to edit 'Variable Text' Mark  

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