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22452 1513d 17h craig /trunk/ Unfix fallthrough warning  
22451 1513d 17h craig /trunk/ Coverity 1405397  
22450 1513d 18h craig /trunk/ Coverity 1350340 / 1350341  
22449 1513d 18h craig /trunk/ Coverity 1350102  
22448 1513d 18h craig /trunk/ Coverity 1350729  
22447 1513d 18h craig /trunk/ Coverity 1350142 / 1350555  
22446 1513d 18h craig /trunk/ Coverity 1350103: logicially dead code  
22445 1513d 18h craig /trunk/ Fix non-returned value in CxF  
22444 1515d 16h jghali /trunk/ enable import of RGB and CMYK colors from CxF files  
22443 1517d 03h jghali /trunk/ #15212: AlignObjs should contain a PageItem*, not a QList<PageItem*>  
22442 1518d 02h gpittman /trunk/ further tweaking of appearance of docs  
22441 1518d 14h gpittman /trunk/ Edit docs for some additional examples, plus consistency of appearance  
22440 1519d 19h jghali /trunk/ #15208: Fix build with Qt 5.11 (missing headers)  
22439 1520d 17h craig /trunk/ #15204: New features/bug fixes from Terry Burton for the barcode plugin  
22438 1523d 15h jghali /trunk/ #15195: pdf export: do not remove the "unavailable" pdf standards, gray them out  
22437 1525d 17h jghali /trunk/ enable import of spectral and Lab colors from CxF files  
22436 1525d 17h jghali /trunk/ indentation fix  
22434 1525d 17h jghali /trunk/ #15191: PDF bookmarks go to wrong target page on partial export  
22433 1526d 14h jghali /trunk/ small refactoring  
22432 1526d 18h craig /trunk/ Bump about date  

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