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2276 6028d 05h cbradney /trunk Fix changes to grouping locked objects to revert to old strings for translation freeze.  
2275 6028d 06h cbradney /trunk Updated debian install doc to correct html issues.  
2270 6028d 19h cbradney /trunk #2029: Updated French translation  
2269 6029d 03h mrdocs /trunk setting the date for a new tarball and rpms  
2268 6029d 03h cbradney /trunk #2025: Fix grouping locked object multiple questions.  
2253 6031d 02h fschmid /trunk Finally fixed bug #2012  
2248 6031d 15h mrdocs /trunk updated for the newest debian repo location  
2243 6033d 03h tsoots /trunk Updated Finnish translation  
2239 6033d 05h mrdocs /trunk add scribus.xml so it gets put into the tarballs  
2236 6033d 11h fschmid /trunk Fixed Bug #2012  
2232 6033d 17h fschmid /trunk Fixed bugs #1992, #2007 and #2011  
2231 6034d 05h mrdocs /trunk updated for 1.2.2 resolves #2010  
2221 6037d 18h cbradney /trunk #2002: Fix spelling mistake still in  
2220 6037d 18h cbradney /trunk #2002: Updated German translation  
2216 6038d 06h mrdocs /trunk updates and some minor typos/formatting  
2214 6038d 06h subik /trunk user feedback for ISO physical units  
2211 6038d 12h tsoots /trunk Fixed the numbering issue with imported odt docs.  
2205 6039d 04h mrdocs /trunk updated with new carnage ;)  
2203 6039d 05h cbradney /trunk #2000: Updated Solvenian translation  
2192 6039d 15h fschmid /trunk Fixed Bugs #1248 and #1992  

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