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22866 1060d 11h jghali /trunk/ Bump copyright year to 2019  
22863 1060d 16h jghali /trunk/ Add proper license files for en_* hyphenation dictionaries  
22861 1060d 16h jghali /trunk/ Fix incorrect MSBuild construct  
22860 1060d 17h jghali /trunk/ Update French hyphenation dictionary  
22859 1060d 17h jghali /trunk/ update en_GB hyphenation dictionary  
22858 1060d 17h jghali /trunk/ #13126: add en_US to the hyphenations installed by default  
22856 1061d 09h jghali /trunk/ Fix some tests for map key availability in barcodegenerator.cpp  
22855 1061d 09h jghali /trunk/ Msvc targets: do not install CMakeLists.txt when installing hyphenation dictionaries  
22851 1065d 16h jghali /trunk/ Refactor cmdgetprop.cpp for better readability  
22850 1066d 08h jghali /trunk/ Move declaration of a few scripter functions in order to respect better alphabetical order  
22849 1066d 08h jghali /trunk/ Remove unused scripterapi-pydoc.html file  
22848 1066d 08h jghali /trunk/ Add missing getImageOffset() function to scripter  
22847 1066d 15h jghali /trunk/ Fix build/copy paste error  
22842 1066d 21h jghali /trunk/ Add new free sRGB profile and use it by default if available  
22841 1070d 11h jghali /trunk/ More refactoring for ResourceManager  
22840 1070d 11h jghali /trunk/ More refactoring for ResourceManager  
22839 1070d 12h jghali /trunk/ Some refactoring for ResourceManager, make also "Show in Filesystem" button work  
22838 1070d 12h jghali /trunk/ Some refactoring for LanguageManager  
22837 1072d 01h jghali /trunk/ #15578: Cannot install Swedish spelling dictionary  
22836 1075d 15h jghali /trunk/ #15565: PDF is wrongly imported : page twice as large as it should  

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