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2381 6079d 16h mrdocs /trunk/ added note on libsuffix=64  
2378 6080d 21h mrdocs /trunk/ remove redundant screenie  
2377 6080d 21h mrdocs /trunk/ remove redundant screenie printer3.png  
2376 6080d 21h mrdocs /trunk/ updates for 1.2.2  
2375 6080d 21h mrdocs /trunk/ updated for gs 8.51  
2374 6080d 22h mrdocs /trunk/ remove duplicate wine file  
2373 6080d 22h mrdocs /trunk/ add missing screenie and update for 1.2.2  
2372 6080d 22h mrdocs /trunk/ *** empty log message ***  
2371 6080d 22h mrdocs /trunk/ remove duplicate  
2365 6081d 16h craig /trunk/ Generate a scribus build in a new, clean tree. Intended for use as an
autobuilder from cron.
2360 6082d 01h cbradney /trunk/ Updated Spanish translation  
2351 6083d 23h craig /trunk/ bugfix for when two gs versions found  
2350 6083d 23h craig /trunk/ better method for checking for libc  
2349 6084d 00h craig /trunk/ fix path detection  
2348 6084d 00h craig /trunk/ change lib path  
2347 6084d 00h craig /trunk/ use libexec subdir for real binaries  
2346 6084d 01h craig /trunk/ fix up some issues  
2345 6084d 01h craig /trunk/ Check GhostScript version  
2344 6084d 01h craig /trunk/ fontconfig settings file and more fontconfig tweaks  
2343 6084d 01h craig /trunk/ Un-invert detection of libc version  

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