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24672 177d 01h jghali /trunk #16593: Plugin load fails with undefined symbols (for all plugins) <yopito>  
24671 178d 00h jghali /trunk #16592: Translation to Norwegian nynorsk <jordet>  
24670 181d 15h craig /trunk Clean up includes  
24669 181d 15h craig /trunk Update TS files with format changes from new versions  
24668 181d 15h craig /trunk #15819: CHange text to include plural forms  
24667 181d 17h craig /trunk Bump TS files from weblate  
24666 181d 17h craig /trunk Bump TS files  
24665 182d 16h jghali /trunk #16591: Typo fixes in source documentation and comments <luzpaz>  
24664 183d 23h jghali /trunk #16588: Color inconsistent with dark theme in marks manager  
24663 183d 23h jghali /trunk Code style fixes  
24662 183d 23h jghali /trunk Enable antialiasing when drawing colorwheel's border point  
24661 184d 01h jghali /trunk Some fixes for color wheel and dark mode  
24660 184d 22h jghali /trunk Draw fancy color pixmap with transparent background in order to also accomodate dark mode  
24659 185d 00h jghali /trunk #16587: Icons are badly aligned with titles in Preferences window  
24658 185d 15h jghali /trunk Refactor ScTreeWidgetDelegate::paint() to exit early when possible  
24657 185d 15h jghali /trunk #16585: Sidebars arrows don't follow system dark theme  
24656 185d 16h jghali /trunk Code style fixes  
24655 186d 16h jghali /trunk #16579: Tab order for PDF radio buttons does not respect Level in Outline order  
24654 191d 20h jghali /trunk Fix compiler warnings  
24653 191d 22h jghali /trunk Fix compiler warning  

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