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2731 6246d 03h mrdocs /trunk/ correctly spell sjc's name  
2728 6246d 06h cbradney /trunk/ #2199: Bring back the glyphs we lost in 1.2.2cvs from 1.2.1. Use the Unicode character map if the other one selected has fewer glyphs. Fixes lmodern, works with Caslon Pro, Arial Unicode, Wingdings, etc.  
2726 6246d 10h cbradney /trunk/ #2204: Make sure pdf export from GUI has a pdf extension on filename  
2723 6247d 00h mrdocs /trunk/ bump the version to ala KDE.. makes rpm happy  
2721 6247d 02h fschmid /trunk/ Applied fix for #2181 here too  
2720 6247d 02h cbradney /trunk/ FAQ html updates for validation  
2719 6247d 02h cbradney /trunk/ More HTML cleaning for validation  
2718 6247d 02h cbradney /trunk/ Remove alt tag from img  
2717 6247d 02h cbradney /trunk/ Fix html in toolbox1.html  
2713 6248d 01h cbradney /trunk/ Updated some HTML for compatibility with  
2711 6248d 03h mrdocs /trunk/ update to mention 2 import and fix some typos  
2710 6248d 03h mrdocs /trunk/ resolves #2145 tooltip on PDF/X-3  
2709 6248d 03h mrdocs /trunk/ bump the version  
2708 6248d 03h mrdocs /trunk/ bump the date  
2700 6249d 10h mrdocs /trunk/ add #1624 fix to change log  
2699 6249d 10h mrdocs /trunk/ fix missing un-install line  
2696 6249d 11h cbradney /trunk/ Updated about.cpp's date for release  
2695 6249d 11h cbradney /trunk/ Files for release:
Changelog with new bug fixed
ChangelogCVS, emptied as its all in Changelog with the version
scribus.lsm with the new version
2693 6249d 11h mrdocs /trunk/ add scripter extension doc resolves # 1624, also update Acro7 reader bug info  
2692 6249d 11h mrdocs /trunk/ new scripter extensions doc  

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