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3086 6113d 16h mrdocs /trunk/ updated Danish translation for 1.2.x resolves # 2483  
3074 6115d 12h mrdocs /trunk/ more updates  
3073 6115d 12h mrdocs /trunk/ update for packaging  
3070 6115d 15h mrdocs /trunk/ fix some divs that did not belong there and update pdf flavors some more  
3069 6115d 20h mrdocs /trunk/ some more doc updates plus the javascript pdf doc is now only A4.. The Yanks will need to live with that ;-)  
3065 6116d 16h subik /trunk/ czech trans vol.2.  
3063 6117d 07h cbradney /trunk/ Removed missed <qt> within string. Update ts and po files. Include new en_GB translation.  
3061 6117d 08h cbradney /trunk/ Fix 3 broken strings before we officially announce string freeze. Sorry Petr :)  
3058 6117d 13h subik /trunk/ Czech translation updated (and Qt4 linguist tested successfully)  
3050 6118d 18h mrdocs /trunk/ more updates move the GS fonts hints with the other font info  
3049 6118d 18h mrdocs /trunk/ fix another silly typo  
3048 6118d 18h mrdocs /trunk/ add in direct links  
3042 6119d 09h mrdocs /trunk/ better preferences hint  
3040 6119d 10h cbradney /trunk/ Updated ts and po files in case we freeze strings soon.  
3039 6119d 15h mrdocs /trunk/ partly resolves # 2448  
3037 6119d 18h mrdocs /trunk/ fix one typo  
3036 6119d 18h mrdocs /trunk/ new image and better explanation of settings  
3024 6122d 12h mrdocs /trunk/ spell check and fix some typos add latest version to 1.2  
3019 6123d 11h mrdocs /trunk/ revised pdf doc and moving some content around  
3018 6123d 12h mrdocs /trunk/ revert the last helpbrowser.cpp change and add a new doc  

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