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24633 96d 20h craig /trunk/Scribus/BUILDING Bump for 1.5.7 release  
23909 393d 15h jghali /trunk/Scribus/BUILDING Fix typo in BUILDING file  
23870 422d 18h jghali /trunk/Scribus/BUILDING Add mention of qt image formats plugin in BUILDING file  
23505 501d 20h jghali /trunk/Scribus/BUILDING Small fix to BUILDING file  
23503 501d 20h craig /trunk/Scribus/BUILDING Bump Qt version to 5.11 to fix deprecated APIs, bump about date, bump copyright date  
23489 508d 15h jghali /trunk/Scribus/BUILDING #15957: Embedded ICC color profiles of PNG images are not detected during import  
23477 515d 23h jghali /trunk/Scribus/BUILDING Updates to BUILDING file  
21599 1696d 15h mrdocs /trunk/Scribus/BUILDING minor tweaks  
21578 1698d 12h mrdocs /trunk/Scribus/BUILDING update needed versions  
21416 1830d 17h jghali /trunk/Scribus/BUILDING update BUILDING file  
21412 1834d 14h jghali /trunk/Scribus/BUILDING update BUILDING file  
19104 2637d 17h jghali /trunk/Scribus/BUILDING #12298, part 1: General spacing/tab fixes to Scribus source code  
15492 3952d 14h mrdocs /trunk/Scribus/BUILDING update info on latest releases  
13882 4362d 16h cbradney /trunk/Scribus/BUILDING #8363: Updated BUILDING file for Qt version dependency  
13567 4448d 15h mrdocs /trunk/Scribus/BUILDING  
13324 4514d 14h mrdocs /trunk/Scribus/BUILDING some minor updates  
12910 4624d 15h mrdocs /trunk/Scribus/BUILDING update the changelog, some minor tweaks and bump the about date  
12509 4714d 03h cbradney /trunk/Scribus/BUILDING Bump Qt minimum to 4.4.0  
11092 4996d 16h mrdocs /trunk/Scribus/BUILDING clarify the build requirements some more  
10780 5051d 16h craig /trunk/Scribus/BUILDING - Quick and dirty build instructions for win32. These need to be filled out more and will be once I've fleshed out win32 support in Scribus's CMake builds a little better.  

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