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364 6323d 06h Franz /trunk/Scribus/ String Freeze !!!  
304 6384d 08h Franz /trunk/Scribus/ 06.06.2004 Added Tsoots "New from Template" Plugin  
290 6401d 07h Franz /trunk/Scribus/ 20.05.2004 First version of the EPS-Importer  
288 6403d 06h Franz /trunk/Scribus/ 18.05.2004 Added Petr's Font-Preview Plugin  
283 6409d 05h Franz /trunk/Scribus/ 12.05.2004 New Plugin: Export to Pixmap  
263 6428d 07h Franz /trunk/Scribus/ 23.04.2004 Fixed Bugs #511, #510, #501, #493 and #462 and updated the Czech and Danish translations.  
245 6444d 07h Franz /trunk/Scribus/ 07.04.2004 Applied Patches from Craig and Peter  
224 6475d 11h Franz /trunk/Scribus/ 07.03.2004 Added new Preferences Options and fixed Bugs #280, #156 and 133  
199 6496d 06h Franz /trunk/Scribus/ 15.02.2004 Fixed several Bugs and updated the Czech Translation  
198 6497d 16h Franz /trunk/Scribus/ 14.02.2004 Release 1.1.5  
132 6552d 06h Franz /trunk/Scribus/ 21.12.2003 The Base Point for resizing, moving and rotating with the Properties Palette can now set
just like it was for the rotation before
131 6554d 06h Franz /trunk/Scribus/ 19.12.2003 Release 1.1.4  
117 6574d 17h Franz /trunk/Scribus/ 29.11.2003 Added the Option to import Styles from other Documents with the Style Editor  
116 6575d 06h Franz /trunk/Scribus/ 28.11.2003 Release 1.1.3  
106 6585d 06h Franz /trunk/Scribus/ 18.11.2003 Fixed Segfault when loading certain Docs  
103 6587d 16h Franz /trunk/Scribus/ 16.11.2003 Improved the Story Editor  
102 6588d 15h Franz /trunk/Scribus/ 15.11.2003 First Version of the Story Editor  
99 6593d 18h Franz /trunk/Scribus/ 10.11.2003 Fixed Python 2.3 issues  
96 6597d 10h Franz /trunk/Scribus/ 06.11.2003 Added configure option --without-python  
92 6601d 15h Franz /trunk/Scribus/ 02.11.2003 Fixes for Python and the Preferences  

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