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16520 3680d 13h craig /trunk/Scribus/doc/ #9879: Updated docs from Greg Pittman  
16397 3712d 06h craig /trunk/Scribus/doc/ Example docs html fix for images for #9764, possibly many more fixes required  
16367 3718d 19h mrdocs /trunk/Scribus/doc/ resolves #9587 updated copyright doc  
16223 3758d 05h christoph /trunk/Scribus/doc/ added Multiple Duplicate and Transform doc  
16187 3766d 14h craig /trunk/Scribus/doc/ Fwd port broken doc Help Browser changes  
16155 3774d 13h malex /trunk/Scribus/doc/ Moved Installation Overview to wiki  
16154 3774d 13h malex /trunk/Scribus/doc/ Really removed compiling/macports for MacOSX  
16153 3774d 13h malex /trunk/Scribus/doc/ Moved compiling/macports for MacOSX to wiki  
16152 3774d 13h malex /trunk/Scribus/doc/ Moved obtaining sources to wiki  
16151 3774d 14h malex /trunk/Scribus/doc/ Moved compilation requirements to the wiki  
16150 3774d 14h malex /trunk/Scribus/doc/ Removed the compilation with autotools and archived it to wiki  
16149 3774d 14h malex /trunk/Scribus/doc/ Moved compiling with CMake to wiki  
16145 3774d 22h malex /trunk/Scribus/doc/ Moved Download to wiki  
16144 3774d 23h malex /trunk/Scribus/doc/ Moved Win32 readme to wiki  
16143 3775d 00h malex /trunk/Scribus/doc/ Moved OS/2 readme to wiki  
16142 3775d 01h malex /trunk/Scribus/doc/ Moved MacOS SVN hints to wiki  
16141 3775d 01h malex /trunk/Scribus/doc/ Moved MacOS hints to wiki  
16139 3775d 06h malex /trunk/Scribus/doc/ Moved parallel install to the wiki  
16138 3775d 06h malex /trunk/Scribus/doc/ Removed obsolete debian docs. They're in wiki already  
16137 3775d 06h malex /trunk/Scribus/doc/ Moved Adding sample text to wiki  

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