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17618 3379d 20h gpittman /trunk/Scribus/doc/ new manual article on pdf image compression  
17598 3383d 21h gpittman /trunk/Scribus/doc/ redid screenshot for prefs_preflight.png  
17597 3384d 09h gpittman /trunk/Scribus/doc/ adding path operations info to EditingShapes.html  
17594 3384d 16h gpittman /trunk/Scribus/doc/ improved image prefs_preflight.png, print2.html  
17593 3384d 19h gpittman /trunk/Scribus/doc/ updating prefs_preflight.png for 150  
17588 3385d 08h gpittman /trunk/Scribus/doc/ manual: how to add Preflight profile bug 9554  
17584 3385d 09h gpittman /trunk/Scribus/doc/ adding new manual page on creating links  
17507 3418d 00h craig /trunk/Scribus/doc/ Fix installation location for Italian docs images  
17471 3439d 12h craig /trunk/Scribus/doc/ Update Italian documentation  
17330 3500d 21h jghali /trunk/Scribus/doc/ #10599: scribus.textOverflows does not work as documented  
17228 3532d 12h craig /trunk/Scribus/doc/ Moved old docs files and images to old dirs  
17225 3532d 12h craig /trunk/Scribus/doc/ First update to German docs translation from Christoph  
17190 3545d 13h craig /trunk/Scribus/doc/ Add GiveLife Color System(R) swatches  
17180 3552d 11h craig /trunk/Scribus/doc/ #10485 & 10486: Move swatches and profiles to share dir  
17135 3558d 11h craig /trunk/Scribus/doc/ Add Italian help files and make them available if the GUI is in Italian  
17126 3560d 16h craig /trunk/Scribus/doc/ Fix menu xml for help docs  
17110 3565d 11h craig /trunk/Scribus/doc/ Updated menu from Christoph  
17106 3566d 19h craig /trunk/Scribus/doc/ Doc updates from Christoph  
17072 3574d 13h craig /trunk/Scribus/doc/ 1.4.0 doc updates from Christoph  
16950 3615d 12h craig /trunk/Scribus/doc/ Doc update from Christoph, Oct/No.5  

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