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19125 2518d 14h craig /trunk/Scribus/doc/ #12316: Apply scripter documentation patch  
19077 2545d 17h gpittman /trunk/Scribus/doc/ clarify that scaleImage in scripter docs is no longer valid  
18796 2624d 10h gpittman /trunk/Scribus/doc/ fixed a spelling error  
18793 2624d 17h gpittman /trunk/Scribus/doc/ Some minor edits to bug report doc  
18738 2640d 17h gpittman /trunk/Scribus/doc/ new docs from Christoph  
18709 2647d 06h gpittman /trunk/Scribus/doc/ minor doc edit  
18708 2647d 06h gpittman /trunk/Scribus/doc/ some stylistic improvements for selected manual pages  
18700 2649d 07h gpittman /trunk/Scribus/doc/ spelling errors in importoutput.html  
18698 2650d 06h gpittman /trunk/Scribus/doc/ fixed some typos in importoutput.html  
18697 2650d 06h gpittman /trunk/Scribus/doc/ further doc updates for 1.5.0  
18687 2651d 07h gpittman /trunk/Scribus/doc/ manual updates, working menu.xml  
18673 2659d 06h gpittman /trunk/Scribus/doc/ menu.xml was broken, reverting  
18672 2659d 07h gpittman /trunk/Scribus/doc/ Some edits in progress for 1.6  
18522 2750d 10h gpittman /trunk/Scribus/doc/ more 150 manual updates  
18521 2750d 18h gpittman /trunk/Scribus/doc/ minor tweaks and downsizing some excessively large images in 150 manual  
18520 2750d 19h gpittman /trunk/Scribus/doc/ further tag fixes and appearance improvements for 150 manual  
18518 2751d 11h gpittman /trunk/Scribus/doc/ improved appearance of various 1.5.0 manual docs  
18517 2751d 17h gpittman /trunk/Scribus/doc/ minor fix of some <dl> tags in scripterapi-font.html  
18513 2752d 09h gpittman /trunk/Scribus/doc/ improved appearance of some tables in 1.5 manual  
18511 2752d 10h gpittman /trunk/Scribus/doc/ Make sure manual.css (and any other *.css) gets installed - CMakeLists.txt  

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