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402 6357d 07h Franz /trunk/Scribus/scribus/dicts/ Added Hyphenation Patterns for Afrikaans  
399 6361d 17h Franz /trunk/Scribus/scribus/dicts/ First committ after 1.2  
275 6478d 07h Franz /trunk/Scribus/scribus/dicts/ 05.05.2004 Added new Hyphation Dicts from Open Office  
184 6570d 06h Franz /trunk/Scribus/scribus/dicts/ 02.02.2004 Added Irish Hyphenation Patterns and updated the Polish Translation  
174 6577d 08h Franz /trunk/Scribus/scribus/dicts/ 26.01.2004 Added Finnish Hyphenation  
94 6661d 15h michael /trunk/Scribus/scribus/dicts/ Obey automake rules and respect DESTDIR variable redirection on explicit
copy and install operations
68 6694d 09h Franz /trunk/Scribus/scribus/dicts/ 01.10.2003 anoncvs updatet to Scribus 1.1.1  
51 6786d 08h Franz /trunk/Scribus/scribus/dicts/ 01.07.2003 Added Czech Hyphenation  
3 6835d 09h paul /trunk/Scribus/scribus/dicts/ Initial revision