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11605 4813d 01h jghali /trunk/Scribus/scribus/pdflib_core.cpp move file related functions from util.* to util_file.*  
11599 4813d 21h jghali /trunk/Scribus/scribus/pdflib_core.cpp pdflib : improve memory efficiency of image processing  
11593 4815d 10h fschmid /trunk/Scribus/scribus/pdflib_core.cpp Moved the initialisation of the variable "Datum" into the correct place.  
11585 4816d 07h jghali /trunk/Scribus/scribus/pdflib_core.cpp pslib/pdflib : replace unneeded use of QStrings by QChar  
11583 4816d 08h jghali /trunk/Scribus/scribus/pdflib_core.cpp #6728 : fix ps/pdf export of fill chars in tabs  
11568 4818d 01h jghali /trunk/Scribus/scribus/pdflib_core.cpp - get rid of ImageToCMYK_PS() in pslib by streaming image data directly to output
- remove unused code in ImageToCMYK_PDF()
11546 4821d 01h fschmid /trunk/Scribus/scribus/pdflib_core.cpp Fixed Bug #6722, "Something weird with transparency in one sla"  
11468 4833d 03h fschmid /trunk/Scribus/scribus/pdflib_core.cpp Applied Patch from Jean Ghali for better handling of alpha channels.  
11461 4833d 23h fschmid /trunk/Scribus/scribus/pdflib_core.cpp Fixed Bug #6669 by disallowing colors without a name in the coloreditor. For existing docs which accidently contain such a color this color is replaced by "None"  
11460 4834d 00h fschmid /trunk/Scribus/scribus/pdflib_core.cpp Don't abort the PDF export when a tiff or psd image has no alpha channel.  
11455 4835d 00h avox /trunk/Scribus/scribus/pdflib_core.cpp #5962: produce correct UTF-16BE strings in PDF export  
11453 4835d 02h fschmid /trunk/Scribus/scribus/pdflib_core.cpp Applied patch from Jean Ghali to fix Bug #6227, ""  
11446 4836d 00h jghali /trunk/Scribus/scribus/pdflib_core.cpp use proper enumeration to describe PDF compression  
11445 4836d 02h jghali /trunk/Scribus/scribus/pdflib_core.cpp pdflib : reduce memory usage when performing rc4 encryption on images  
11441 4836d 18h jghali /trunk/Scribus/scribus/pdflib_core.cpp #5890 : when exporting pdf to multiple files, cancel export when aborting export of one page  
11440 4836d 18h jghali /trunk/Scribus/scribus/pdflib_core.cpp #5890 : make scribus more responsive when try to cancel export/printing
pslib : make ascii85 encoding faster by using a write buffer
11389 4838d 13h jghali /trunk/Scribus/scribus/pdflib_core.cpp ScImage::getAlpha() : checks for memory allocation failures
pslib/pdflib : check ScImage::getAlpha() success/failure
11388 4838d 15h avox /trunk/Scribus/scribus/pdflib_core.cpp make the invalidate() / layout() mechanism more general  
11333 4849d 10h jghali /trunk/Scribus/scribus/pdflib_core.cpp replace SetFarbe() functions by functions with english names  
11331 4849d 20h jghali /trunk/Scribus/scribus/pdflib_core.cpp replace colorspace and image type descriptors by proper enums  

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