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22157 1751d 02h jghali /trunk/Scribus/scribus/scpage.cpp fix undo of item conversions not working correctly  
20694 2354d 08h craig /trunk/Scribus/scribus/scpage.cpp Some function renames in ScribusDoc  
20407 2473d 16h fschmid /trunk/Scribus/scribus/scpage.cpp Fixed Bug #13290: Actions applied to "Empty Symbols" are very likely cause of crash  
20390 2476d 06h fschmid /trunk/Scribus/scribus/scpage.cpp Revert committ r20326 as nobody seem to like it. :-(  
20326 2508d 17h fschmid /trunk/Scribus/scribus/scpage.cpp WIP to fix Bug #12297 Color Code Master Pages like in Layers dialog  
20186 2564d 03h craig /trunk/Scribus/scribus/scpage.cpp Remove old util_icon includes  
19901 2673d 03h craig /trunk/Scribus/scribus/scpage.cpp #12940: Fix qHash returning uints when we are only storing ints. Basic fix for 1.5.0  
19894 2675d 03h craig /trunk/Scribus/scribus/scpage.cpp Move the item to pattern/symbol conversion code to scribusdoc. Attempt and fail at fixing #11365 but leave the code behind in case someone follows up, with comments  
19831 2686d 11h craig /trunk/Scribus/scribus/scpage.cpp Restructure margins code in preparation for moving to Qt 5.3's QMarginsF  
19568 2820d 02h jghali /trunk/Scribus/scribus/scpage.cpp move AppModeHelper::inAnEditMode() to ScribusDoc  
19567 2820d 03h jghali /trunk/Scribus/scribus/scpage.cpp #12756: Undo does not close "Nodes" dialog  
19562 2820d 19h craig /trunk/Scribus/scribus/scpage.cpp Deal with more special modes within restorePageItemCreation  
19374 2894d 01h jghali /trunk/Scribus/scribus/scpage.cpp #12555: Undo 'delete single item in a group' does not restore regroup  
19215 2938d 08h jghali /trunk/Scribus/scribus/scpage.cpp #12375: Undo/Redo crashes Scribus editing a Freehand Line  
19093 2985d 02h craig /trunk/Scribus/scribus/scpage.cpp Rearrange/fix some includes and remove scribusview.h includes where possible  
19080 2989d 03h craig /trunk/Scribus/scribus/scpage.cpp Remove include of scribus.h wherever it will build without it. Add back in if you find it needs it. Clean builds ok here  
19067 2991d 03h craig /trunk/Scribus/scribus/scpage.cpp Move app mode struct to its own file to reduce recompile time of scribusstructs changes  
18876 3037d 02h craig /trunk/Scribus/scribus/scpage.cpp #12115: Revert last commit because it does SFA  
18873 3037d 05h craig /trunk/Scribus/scribus/scpage.cpp #12115: Additional fix to fix undoing creation of items not updating Outline Palette  
18872 3038d 03h craig /trunk/Scribus/scribus/scpage.cpp #12115: Ensure right update method called when restoring page item deletion  

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