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16391 4155d 00h fschmid /trunk/Scribus/scribus/scribus.cpp Fixed Bug #9760: "Preflight Verifier nightmare", Preflight Verifier is now only called on demand or when printing or exporting to eps or pdf is requested.  
16311 4179d 00h fschmid /trunk/Scribus/scribus/scribus.cpp Initial committ of the new "Spiral" tool.  
16246 4193d 20h fschmid /trunk/Scribus/scribus/scribus.cpp First part of "On Canvas" editing of regular polygons.  
16232 4197d 03h jghali /trunk/Scribus/scribus/scribus.cpp pdf export : fix hang of Acrobat Reader on Windows when user enable the "view after export" option  
16231 4197d 06h fschmid /trunk/Scribus/scribus/scribus.cpp Fixed filedialogs for importing vectorgraphics.  
16215 4200d 01h fschmid /trunk/Scribus/scribus/scribus.cpp Fixed Bug #4717: "New shape: Circle segment", works almost exactly as in Inkscape.  
16192 4205d 07h fschmid /trunk/Scribus/scribus/scribus.cpp Fixed Bug #8423: "guides, frame borders and co disappear when deleting an item from a group"
+ some preparations for extending RegularPolygons.
16191 4206d 01h fschmid /trunk/Scribus/scribus/scribus.cpp Added a new PageItem type "RegularPolygon". This type is created by the "Regular Polygon" tool now and the properties of that polygon can be edited. Thus Bug #9534: "no polygones" is resolved now.  
16187 4207d 04h craig /trunk/Scribus/scribus/scribus.cpp Fwd port broken doc Help Browser changes  
16180 4208d 05h craig /trunk/Scribus/scribus/scribus.cpp Allow user to jump into help from GS missing warning, as first example of context help  
16178 4209d 01h fschmid /trunk/Scribus/scribus/scribus.cpp Finally getting rid of the "Groups" property of PageItem.  
16176 4209d 08h fschmid /trunk/Scribus/scribus/scribus.cpp Finally getting rid of the "isGroupControl" and "lastGroupItem" properties of PageItem.  
16171 4210d 01h fschmid /trunk/Scribus/scribus/scribus.cpp Made the Dia shape reading part of the "StencilReader" a proper import plugin. Thus the stencilreader class is now no longer used and removed from the build.  
16169 4210d 06h fschmid /trunk/Scribus/scribus/scribus.cpp The extension list for the Filedialog when loading Vector files is now alphabetically sorted.  
16164 4211d 00h fschmid /trunk/Scribus/scribus/scribus.cpp Made the Kivio stencil reading part of the "StencilReader" a proper import plugin.  
16160 4213d 18h fschmid /trunk/Scribus/scribus/scribus.cpp The 1.2 and the 1.3.3.x loaders are now working with the new group code.  
16159 4214d 05h fschmid /trunk/Scribus/scribus/scribus.cpp - More work on removing now deprecate pageitem properties.
- Made "Copy Page" working without the Serializer.
- Made "Copy Layer" working without the Serializer.
Removed the now deprecated and never working 100% ok pageitem_desaxe.cpp from the build.
16156 4215d 01h fschmid /trunk/Scribus/scribus/scribus.cpp Adapted almost all loops which iterate over all items in a document to the new group storage.  
16148 4215d 04h fschmid /trunk/Scribus/scribus/scribus.cpp Made our internal Picture Browser working again.  
16122 4216d 22h fschmid /trunk/Scribus/scribus/scribus.cpp Partly fixed Bug #9599. selecting single items out of groups works now with the Outline Palette.  

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