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20641 2368d 23h fschmid /trunk/Scribus/scribus/scribusdoc.cpp Fixed accidential loading of paragraph style properties into charstyles.  
20636 2369d 18h fschmid /trunk/Scribus/scribus/scribusdoc.cpp Some fixes for paragraph background rendering.  
20632 2370d 00h fschmid /trunk/Scribus/scribus/scribusdoc.cpp Fixed Bug #8427: Coloured background in a Paragraph or Character style.
Only need a good place for a "Paragraph Background" control. This is currently
only available in the paragraph style definition dialog.
20590 2401d 13h fschmid /trunk/Scribus/scribus/scribusdoc.cpp Remove unneeded qDebug()  
20586 2402d 13h jghali /trunk/Scribus/scribus/scribusdoc.cpp indentation fixes  
20585 2402d 13h jghali /trunk/Scribus/scribus/scribusdoc.cpp #13563: Resizing 2 items (one of which is rotated) leads to wrong canvas placement
This is not a complete fix, but seriously improve the situation. Still issues especially with spiral objects.
Wondering also why there is so much ifs related to the item type in the modified function...
20582 2403d 09h craig /trunk/Scribus/scribus/scribusdoc.cpp #13565: Fix rounded corners value not being set to 0 when a shape other than a rectangle is changed, plus fix an item redraw issue  
20565 2407d 08h jghali /trunk/Scribus/scribus/scribusdoc.cpp #13548: Some small changes to keep consistent Action Manager output <FirasH>  
20563 2409d 10h jghali /trunk/Scribus/scribus/scribusdoc.cpp #11409: crash while importing masterpage, with gdb backtrace  
20561 2409d 20h jghali /trunk/Scribus/scribus/scribusdoc.cpp remove unused function argument from ScribusDoc itemAdd() and itemArea()  
20557 2412d 10h jghali /trunk/Scribus/scribus/scribusdoc.cpp remove avoidable noteframe related argument from ScribusDoc itemAdd() function  
20552 2415d 16h jghali /trunk/Scribus/scribus/scribusdoc.cpp #13527: Deleting right text frame crashes Scribus  
20535 2423d 11h jghali /trunk/Scribus/scribus/scribusdoc.cpp #13503: Crash when opening file  
20528 2424d 10h craig /trunk/Scribus/scribus/scribusdoc.cpp #11812: Thanks to anood for inspiration. Much wider fix found and applied. Also page updates now work as standard to item Mark's references  
20497 2433d 11h jghali /trunk/Scribus/scribus/scribusdoc.cpp #13471: Fix for broken hyphenation language selection <Mikko Rasa>  
20474 2440d 12h jghali /trunk/Scribus/scribus/scribusdoc.cpp #13431: Trying to delete page of .sla generated from Scribus v.1.3.8 will hang Scribus 1.5.1  
20445 2454d 21h jghali /trunk/Scribus/scribus/scribusdoc.cpp #13393: Edit > Duplicate changes relative levels of selected items  
20407 2470d 00h fschmid /trunk/Scribus/scribus/scribusdoc.cpp Fixed Bug #13290: Actions applied to "Empty Symbols" are very likely cause of crash  
20388 2473d 12h craig /trunk/Scribus/scribus/scribusdoc.cpp Use QString clear instead of constructor  
20375 2478d 19h jghali /trunk/Scribus/scribus/scribusdoc.cpp #13347: Undo/Redo of "Get Image" leads to empty Image Frame  

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