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The many strengths of Scribus come from the efforts of the core team, the translators, the documentation writers, the wiki editors, the DTP professionals who answer questions on the mailing list, and users who steer the conversation and contribute their opinions and information. Become a part of this wonderful worldwide group of people who are helping each other every day.

  • Chat with members of the community. Scribus Team members and many members of the Scribus Community hang out in #scribus on If you don’t have IRC client software you could use Web based one. Choose a nickname, enter “#scribus” as the channel and solve the captcha. You’ll be on your way to live communication with us.
  • Read the Scribus Team’s blog and the Wiki News Category to get your fix of the Scribus News.
    There is an active community of Scribus users and contributors at Scribus Forums.
  • Visit Scribus Wiki and ask for an account. You could be contributing in no time.
  • Join the Scribus User Mailing List and ask questions or help others improve their workflow.
  • Check out Scribus code from Scribus Subversion repository and start hacking. If you know or want to learn how to program in C++/Qt and help the greater good this is your opportunity. We’ll be happy to help you should you stumble. Patches are always welcome.
  • Got problems to report? Head on to Scribus Bug Tracking System, register for an account and start reporting or triaging bugs.
  • Thinking of something you don’t see on this page? Talk to us. You could become a new hero of the Open Source Desktop Publishing!