HLC Colour Atlas Released

freieFarbe/freeColour has released the first version of its HLC Colour Atlas for coated paper, a printed colour reference based on the the CIELAB colour model, mathematics and hence free of any proprietary restrictions.

HLC Colour Atlas

The HLC Colour Atlas (HLC stands for an intuitive approach to the CIELAB model, using Hue, Saturation and Chroma as colour coordinates) includes 2040 colours that can be printed either as process colours or spot colours. It is being accompanied by a PDF file with layers that shows the reproducibility of the colours in different output targets like sRGB or FOGRA 51, as well as colour conversion tables and colour libraries for different programmes.

The Scribus Team, which is a member of freieFarbe e.V., is extremely pleased with the outcome and actively involved in the future development of this free and powerful colour reference. More…